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Mohammad Enamul Alam Khan


Haroon-or-Rashid Chowdhury


Aminur Rahman Feroz


Mohammad Abdul Kader

-Director, Finance

Md Kamal Pasha


M. S. Dodul


Md Anisuzzaman


Azgar Hossen


Mohammad Enamul Alam Khan
Mohammad Enamul Alam KhanChairman

When we first formed Wheaton International School, we had a vision to bring exquisite international education to the people of Bangladesh, with new and ambitious plans to enhance the opportunities for Bangladeshi students in the international arena.

To ensure a genuinely international perspective, we have assembled a team of educators with vast experience from far and wide. They bring their broad global perspectives and combine them with local expertise to produce a level and quality of education that is uniquely molded to the needs and requirements of the children of Bangladesh.

I encourage all our students to take full advantage of the skills and knowledge of this team. Wishing all a more prosperous, compatible and sustainable world.


At Wheaton International School we believe in learning-through-doing and our curriculum is unified through a pedagogical approach that ensures our students receive an education that is the best of all worlds.

We are focused on providing a well rounded religious education that encompasses the complete lifestyle and regulations set forth by Allah for all Muslims, through the messages of the Holy Quran. A combination of these activities and their academics help shape the globally adaptable force of equipped leaders we aim to create.
As excited as I am to speak to you here, it is the face-to-face interactions that I value most. Please know that we have an open door policy, and welcome any opportunity to meet you and hear your feedback.

I look forward to our collaboration in providing a safe and nurturing environment as well as a challenging and diverse curriculum as we start off our new academic session.