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Assessment Type

A range of assessments including both formative and assumptive forms of assessment are employed to gauge the understanding of the students throughout the year. Assessment Types will include Unit Tests, Written Examinations at Mid and Annual Terms.

Unit Test

Unit Test will comprise of evaluation of student understanding of each unit completed in classroom. It helps identify areas of learning that needs development and works as a feedback tool to support learning. Unit Tests will be short and conducted within classroom during Students must be informed of Unit Test in the previous class.

Mid Term & Annual Assessments

As the school year is split into Two (2) academic terms, Mid Term and Annual. In-Term assessments are conducted to accumulate data and reports on individual student learning and development. Assessments are conducted from Play Group to Class 10. Class 10 students are additionally assessed externally when they register for their Pearson International and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) O’ Level Examination.